Jessi Kpop Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family & Biography

Jessi Kpop
Jessi Kpop

Jessica Hyun-ju Ho


Rapper, Singer

Full Name:Jessica Hyun-ju Ho
Nationality:American, Korean
Blood Type:O
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius
Height:5 Feet 6 inch (1.67m)
Weight:121 lbs (55 kg)
DOB:December 17, 1988
Net Worth:$1 Million
Monthly Income:N/A

Jessi, also known as Jessica Ho, is a South Korean rapper, singer, and songwriter. She debuted in 2005 as a member of the girl group Lucky J and later began her solo career in 2017. She is known for her powerful rapping skills, charismatic stage presence, and her ability to speak both Korean and English fluently.

Jessi began her career in the entertainment industry in 2005 as a member of the girl group Lucky J. The group released several singles and albums before disbanding in 2015. In 2008, Jessi appeared as a contestant on the South Korean rap competition show “Show Me the Money” and later in 2015, she appeared on the second season of the show’s spin-off, “Unpretty Rapstar” which helped her to gain more popularity.

In 2017, Jessi made her solo debut with the release of her single “SSENUNNI.” The song was a commercial success, peaking at number 2 on the Gaon Digital Chart, which helped her establish herself as a solo artist. Her song “NUNU NANA” which was released in 2019, also become a commercial hit

Jessi has also made several appearances on South Korean variety shows and has been a regular cast member on several seasons of the popular show “Running Man.” She also appeared on the Netflix’s reality show “Busted!”

Jessi is known for her strong and confident stage presence, as well as her ability to speak both Korean and English fluently. She has a huge fan base in South Korea and also has a significant following in other parts of the world. She has been considered as one of the most talented and influential female rappers in South Korea.

Jessi Kpop Career

She was born and raised in New Jersey before migrating to South Korea at the age of 15, where she had a successful audition for Doremi Media.

Jessi Kpop Family & Relationship

The Korean name of Jessi Kpop is Ho Hyun-ju (호현주) (Korean).

Her parents are American citizens who immigrated from Korea. In 2016, she dated the rapper Dumbfoundead.

Fun Fact:

  • Jessi made her original debut on December 1, 2005, at the age of 16 (international age).
  • Family includes parents, two brothers, and Chewy the dog.
  • Korea Kent Foreign High School for education.
  • Korean and English are both spoken.
  • Jessi grew up in New Jersey, NY, in the United States.
  • Along with Jessica Jung and Tiffany Hwang of SNSD, Jessi attended Korea Kent Foreign School.
  • SM Entertainment hired Jessi after she passed an audition, but she decided against signing with the company because of the disparity in their musical tastes.
  • When Jessi first became a celebrity, she experienced financial difficulties. She occasionally had to sleep in saunas because she couldn’t afford a place to stay at the time due to her music career’s lack of popularity.
  • She enjoys vegetable salads as food.
  • Drink of choice: a vanilla latte.
  • She is well known for her distinctive husky voice, which has been compared to a cross between Alicia Keys and Rihanna.
  • The SNSD member Tiffany Hwang and her have a good relationship.
  • She uses boxing as an exercise and hobby.